Georgia Military College Importance of Customer Satisfaction Discussion

part 1: at least four good sentences for each bullet point . Make sure you address all points of each bullet

  • In marketing, the customer comes first. You can’t market to a potential customer unless you understand their wants, needs, desires, state of mind, interests, income, and more. So why do you think it is important for a marketer to understand how a customer makes that final purchasing decision?
  • If you were purchasing a car, which the following factors would most influence your decision to buy? Then let’s flip, it If a marketer knew this about you, how could he/she use this to better market a new car to you?
    • Price (or)
    • Color (or)
    • Style (or)
    • Status (or)

part 2: at least four good sentences for each bullet point . Make sure you address all points of each bullet.

Pick one of the following products to conduct your own analysis.

  • Louis Vuitton Bag
  • Planet Fitness Gym
  • Try to figure out who the ideal customer is for the product you chose. Assess as many different factors as you can think of. Who are your primary target customers? You can evaluate all of the following: race, gender, education level, income level, where do they live (urban vs rural). What motivates them? How many kids do you think they have? You want to figure out the perfect customer and tell me why these factors might influence them to purchase the product.
  • Now come up with a brief marketing pitch of 2–3 sentences trying to persuade the target customer why your chosen product is the perfect for him/her. Discuss why you think this marketing message is the correct message for your specified target market.

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