GCU Natural Resources Energy Source in A Simple Economic Growth Model Discussion

SIX: Economy Paper

There are links between the economy and the environment. The environment provides resources to the economy, and the economy is the engine of capital to care for the environment. The two must work together. In this assignment students will explain how the environment affects the economy and provide specific examples. You will explore the possible short term and long-term effects on the economy based on environmental circumstances.

  • Write a 2-3 page paper covering the following points related to this topic:
    • Choose one of the following environmental factors that has an impact on the current economy.
      • pollution
      • use of fossil fuels
      • depletion of natural resources
      • garbage disposal
    • Describe the effects on the economy as a result of the environmental issue of your choice.
    • What are possible solutions for improving the environment to help improve the economy?

Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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