GCC Hiroshima & Fukushima Liability & Compensation for Nuclear Energy Research Paper

For this assignment, you will be required to do your own research and find one additional work(scholarly research paper, newspaper article, film, music video, commercial, anime, manga, painting, etc.) that deals with the topic of Week 12, “From Hiroshima to Fukushima.” You could use that keyword, or other words that interested you when you were doing the readings, to search for resources (Google, the Oviatt Library website, your anime/manga repository, WSJ, New York Times, LA Times, Netflix, etc.).

You will submit a 2-page report (double-spaced and typed, font size 12), explaining what your chosen resource is about, why you chose it, and how you think it can contribute to the discussion of that week’s topic. In your report, you should also provide the title, the author, and/or a link of the work that you’ve found.

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