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To get started, review back to the Discussion in Unit 1, where many different types of curriculum were discussed. Some of these were different types of curriculum in general and some were types of innovative curriculum currently being tried and used. You may also do a quick search on Google or another search engine to get ideas about innovative .Choose one that would be important for your program and describe it in detail. For example, if you are developing a nursing program, service learning might be an element that could be incorporated into your curriculum. Whatever you choose, think outside the box. When you write about your innovative curriculum, here are some questions to ask yourself: What does this look like? How will it fit into your program? What will be the benefits to the students? What will be the benefits to the learning process?Post your innovative curriculum plan to the Unit 4 Social media area. Your plan should be between 500-700 words long, and should incorporate theory and practice. Do not forget to cite outside sources.

Here are the type of urriculum to choose from

Problem-based learning

Service Learning

Experiential Learning

Learning Communities

Outcomes-based degrees

Open courses

Subject-Centered curriculum

Learner-Centered curriculum

Problem-centered curriculum

Process-centered curriculum

Product-centered curriculum

The written curriculum

The societal curriculum

The hidden curriculum

The null curriculum

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