Florida Atlantic Information & Technology Evaluation in Orlando Florida PPT

Conduct a research project that evaluates information and technology within the city of Orlando, Florida. Projects must be based on field research. Secondly, create PowerPoint of the written research. See below for more info.

This is a group project. I am responsible for completing the sections listed below. This project requires a few SWOT analysis and table figures etc. It will also include a PowerPoint Presentation.

Below are the sections that needs to be completed for the project:

You will conduct a research project that evaluates information and technology within the City of Orlando, Florida. Projects must be based on field research – talking to people involved in the information systems in Orlando such as, IT Directors, project managers, developers, end­-users, or other communications and technology coordinators, as well as research collected from the city’s website(s), social media platforms, news outlets, articles, city documents, or any other supporting media. You will need to conduct a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities of the City. Evaluate in relation to the level of transparency, participation, and collaboration. Also take into consideration how Covid-19 has impacted the city in these areas or how the city has responded to the pandemic through the use of technology (support with research). I have attached documents on the City to assist with the research.

General Structure of the Written Project Report:

Please complete the sections listed below:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • List of Tables and Figures
  • Executive Summary (Written after the report is completed)
  • Overview and Background of the city
    • Demographics/statistics
    • General SWOT analysis
  • Design and Architecture
  • Digital Platforms/Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Systems Security
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)




Paper Guidelines:

7 pages, not including cover page, TOC, tables, figures, references, or appendices

Double spacing between sentences

12pt font, standard margins

Bold title and section headings

Page numbers

APA guidelines for headings, titles, and citations

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