FIT Mental Health Job Loss Questions Discussion

the following assignment will require you to comprehensively approach this topic and demonstrate your ability to critically analyze evidence from a diversity of perspectives to formulate a position related to an issue of personal and social responsibility . The assignment may also require some additional research/readings outside the class material.

Please read the following case study and respond to all questions listed at the end. As you are responding to questions, please keep the following in mind:

1. Respond to ALL questions using a comprehensive approach. It is expected that your responses will include at least 2 solid paragraphs per each listed question.

2. Clearly defend your position, which should be supported by literature/references/citations.

3. Use the evaluation rubric as a guide regarding expectations. I strongly encourage you to use the rubric as you are preparing and writing your responses.

Assignment: In all aspects of life, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Learning how to cope with the losses is extremely important as loss can affect our health in many ways.Chapters 2, 3, and 4 focus on emotional and mental health as well as stress management. Identify a “loss” situation — perhaps loss of a job, a scholarship, or a relationship.

1. Discuss (in details) how this type of loss might affect the way people think a) about themselves, b) their mental health, and c) how it might affect their behavior.

2. Brainstorm ways in which the constructs of Health Behavior Theories (covered in Chapter 1) might be used to help people cope with this type of loss.

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