Film Toy Story by Whedon et al Essay

First, you may select a film by one of the directors cited below, or you may choose your own film. If you make your own selection be certain that the film you choose is VISUAL enough to work in this discussion. Always a good idea to ask me if you’re in any doubt. Films driven entirely by stage acting for example won’t make it for this job. It’s gotta be visual, visual, visual.

Some films on will be available on DVD at the Cuyamaca college LRC on reserve. Most can be seen on youtube for $2.99, some are free.

So, buy some popcorn, take notes and, as always, do some research about the film you choose.

After viewing the film you selected, thoughtfully discuss three scenes in which the director uses a visual technique defined by lighting, setting, camera angle, or color in a numbered format as follows.

1. Address and post a VISUAL idea from this film that is evocative of a place or setting.

2. Address and post a VISUAL idea from this film that is evocative of what a character is feeling.

3. Address and post a VISUAL from this film that is evocative of the content or moral of the story

Remember, this discussion is about visuals, lighting, angles, color (if it applies), composition, atmosphere, all the things words can’t convey. Don’t write a film review, that isn’t your job here. Address the three issues, briefly, as stated.

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