ETHC 445 Week 6 DQ 2 Working Conflict Resolution Methods

This pack of ETHC 445 Week 6 DQ 2 Working Conflict Resolution Methods comprehends:

Different ways to analyze ethical behaviors and dilemmas exist, and many of them will help direct you to the correct or best solution to a problem. As we discussed in week 1 in the tough choices .pdf, sometimes right vs. right or wrong vs. wrong decisions have to be made. In the lecture this week, you are given three ethical dilemma resolution models to try out on a dilemma provided there. Please review that interactive before posting to the threads this week, and lets bring your questions and comments about the proposed solutions here to the threads. We will talk about that through mid-week, and then I will post a new dilemma here where we will, as a group, begin analyzing it using the different methods. You will need to be able to use these three models (Blanchard and Peale, Laura Nash and Front page of the Newspaper) on the final exam …. so lets be sure to practice all three of them together this week. So, to start this off, lets address the dilemma in the Week 6 Lecture interactive (in the middle of the page). You MUST read the lecture and run the interactive in order to participate in the threads this week! Review the sample solution to the Laura Nash method. Do you agree with that analysis? If so, what parts do you think really helped you work through the dilemma? If not, which parts do you not agree with? Review the sample solution to the Front Page of the Newspaper method.Do you think this is one of those types of dilemmas for which this model works? If not, why not? If so, why? How did using this method help you work through the dilemma? Review the sample solution to the Blanchard and Peale method.Do you agree with the analysis? If not, why not? If so, in what way did this help you analyze this dilemma?Pick ONE of the above 3 questions and lets get started. Or, respond to another student with details about why you agree or disagree with their analysis. Feel free to kindly debate with each other. Do not take things personally if someone disagrees. Be sure to show that you have viewed the lecture and interactive and that you attempted an analysis for high quality posts this week. After Wednesday, I will bring in another scenario and we can analyze that one together as a class…..

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