Essay Strategic Management Process

I need an essay to read in video presentation, presentation that explains the strategic management process in terms of your career development plan.

The basic strategic management process we have studied this semester is below.



Mission    —- >    objectives                               —>        strategic choice      —>   strategic           —> competitive

                                                         Internal                                                          implementation            Advantage


I have to create a video presentation that addresses each of these concepts (mission, objectives, external analysis, etc.) in terms of your career development (as accountant or auditor).

Mission—we studied how important it is for a business to have a clear mission statement and understanding of their purpose. The same is true for you as a job seeker, career advancer or simply as a person. What is your purpose? Why are here? What were you created to do? I love Matthew Kelly’s definition of mission:

“Mission is where your talents and passions collide with the needs of others and the world.”

Tell me your mission.

Objectives—Businesses develop clear, measurable objectives that support their mission. Job seekers and career advancers need these as well. What are your professional goals and objectives? What type of job will support your mission? Maybe it isn’t a job but rather a volunteer assignment or further education. Maybe it is a combination of all of these.

Tell me your objectives and how they tie into your mission?

External & Internal Analysis—An external analysis for a business might include things like analyzing demographics, technology, social trends, political environment, etc. In terms of the job market, many of the same analysis apply in addition to considering projected job growth, economic trends, etc. What does the external environment look like for your career field? Provide some sources that back up your analysis. Good places to find job market information are included on this page on the Career Services

An internal analysis for a business includes assessing capabilities like manufacturing ability, R&D expertise, recruiting skill, use of technology, etc. What are your capabilities in terms of a job seeker or career advancer? What do you bring to the table? Leadership? Technology skills? Strong communication skills? You can even look at your capabilities from a VRIO perspective. Are they valuable, rare, difficult for other to imitate? Tell me your capabilities and provide some examples to back them up.

Strategic Choice—For an individual business, these might be cost leadership, product differentiation or a combination of these. On a corporate level, strategies include mergers, joint ventures, strategic alliances, etc. For a job seeker or career advancer, strategies include networking, utilizing social media, attending job fairs, developing a strong résumé & cover letter, conducting informational interviews, obtaining additional training, etc. Tell me the strategic choices that make most sense for you? Why?

Strategy Implementation—A strategy without implementation is useless. So what are your plans to implement your career development strategy? How will you make it happen? What resources will you use? Who do you need to help you? If you’re currently working, when will you do it? What is your projected timeline? What strategies will you do first? Tell me your game plan.

Competitive Advantage–The main purpose of this class was to learn how a business can create competitive advantage. The Resource Based View (RBV) states that firms must have resources and capabilities that are superior to the competition to create competitive advantage or sustaining value.

What is your competitive advantage in terms of career development? In other words, how will you answer the interview question, “Why should we hire you instead of the other candidates we are interviewing for this position?”

End you video by convincing me you have a competitive advantage over other job seekers or career advancers.

Video Guidelines

1. Your video should be you speaking your presentation. I recommend typing out your comments and rehearsing before you record. It doesn’t have to be TV news professional quality; however, make it as polished as you can. I am more interested in your content but one purpose of the assignment is to develop your speaking skills.

Upload a presentation outline and at least two sources used for your external career analysis.

2. Video shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes long.

Assignment Purpose

1. To help you anchor the strategic management process in your mind.

2. To help prepare you for the job search or career advancement possibilities through internal and external career analysis.

3. To practice and develop verbal communication skills.

4. To develop critical thinking skills.

5. To assist you as you engage in the job search or look to advance in your career (accountant).

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