ENGL 219 Week 7 DQs

This file of ENGL 219 Week 7 DQs comprises:

Locate two newspapers via the Internet or by purchasing them. Choose a small community newspaper and a major, well-known paper such as The Washington Post or The New York Times. In your post, compare the two newspapers. What similarities and differences do you note about the stories, such as the style and the format? What are the front page stories? Don’t forget to mention the names of the two newspapers!

You have this week to work with your assigned team members to produce a class newspaper. Remember, each student must include two articles in the newspaper! Now is the time to assume your role in the production process and fulfill your responsibilities so that the final assignment will be completed on time. Post a rough draft of the class newspaper to this thread early enough during the week to allow everyone in class an opportunity to review the newspapers towards ensuring a strong final project. Please provide feedback for your own newspaper as well as the other team’s newspaper. Final project team reviews will be conducted next week where feedback and last minute edits and changes will be completed before editor-in-chief submission of the final deliverable. Please be very proactive and work together as any successful newspaper staff!

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