ENGL 1101 University of West Georgia Particle Fever Film Response Essay

Professor Hendricks; ENGL 1101

Assignment Sheet— Essay 1 — Summary and Response


2&1/2 to 3 pages

Contribution to Overall Grade:

Submitting all 3 essays, including this first one, is the only way to ensure

you stay in the A/B range for the course.

Pre-Draft Due:

– Wednesday 9/16

Rough Draft Due:

– Wednesday 9/23

Final Draft Due:

– Monday 9/28


Your first formal essay for this class will be a Response Essay that incorporates summary.

As you

should recall, response essays present your reaction(s) to a text, as well as (1) giving some examples of the parts of

the text that caused this/these reaction(s) and (2) explaining how and why they did so.

For a more in-depth reminder,

refer to Wilhoit’s chapter on response essays and your class notes from our discussions about response essays.


Write a response to the documentary

Particle Fever


Your response should seek to be






, and


(again, refer to Wilhoit), and will be graded on how well it accomplishes each of these


In addition, as always, your essay will be graded on content, organization, and presentation.


Your grade for this essay will be based heavily on the following

four major content issues:

(1) whether

you clearly state your overall response(s); (2) whether your response(s) is/are illustrated with examples from the text;

(3) whether the connections between these examples and your response(s) are clearly explained; and (4) whether these

examples and explanations demonstrate a clear understanding of the source text.


Open your essay by introducing the topic, the source text (title of article and author), and your thesis

(your overall response).

Follow your introduction with a brief (correctly cited) summary paragraph of the graphic


The body of your essay should be spent explaining and elaborating on your thesis (your overall response), tying

it to specific examples in the source text and explaining




these examples caused such a response.

Your conclusion should wrap up your essay succinctly, while pointing us back to your thesis (your overall response).

It should


introduce new ideas or assertions.


Your essays should conform to MLA style guidelines.

For a reminder of what MLA formatting entails, see

the Owl at Purdue.


Remember that your summary paragraph must be documented.

Remember also that all quotations,

paraphrases, and summaries must be documented as well in the body of your essay, using MLA format.

Refer to

Wilhoit, Yale’s Plagiarism Cite, and

the Owl at Purdue

, for any questions about this.

You do need to create a Works

Cited page, but we will go over that formatting in class

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