ENGL 100 UCI Importance of Math in Economics Annotated Bibliography

Reflect back on the experiences you had developing the rough draft for this essay project in a discussion post considering the following questions:

1. How did you adapt academic essay structure for this essay draft? Did you make use of TEA/PIE structure to organize your body paragraphs? What was it like giving form to your ideas in an organized fashion for this academic essay?

2. What successes did you have developing this essay project? What went well for you? Refer to specific experiences in the writing process for support.

3. What obstacles or difficulties did you encounter in creating this essay draft?

4. What questions do you have about this essay project that will help you feel more confident in developing it?


As you develop ideas for your body paragraphs, they will first and foremost come from your research data. However, you’ll need to organize and present this material in ways that support your thesis clearly. Refer to the exercise below for help developing body paragraphs for this essay.


Work with the following model to formulate or organize one body paragraph.

Topic sentence — the first sentence of the paragraph should state one point that supports the thesis and introduces one part of your research findings; this is the main idea of the paragraph

  • Can you clarify these two ideas in a single topic sentence?

Evidence — paraphrases or quotations from your research materials should directly illustrate how your analytic claim stated in the topic sentence is true, introducing and explaining this evidence for maximal clarity

  • Do you introduce, cite, and explain the evidence you introduce so that it supports your claim and makes sense to another reader? Do you show how various research materials relate through clear explanation? Do you explain how all evidence supports the main idea of the paragraph?

Analysis — two or three sentences toward the end of your body paragraph should explain what the evidence suggests about the claim made in your topic sentence and what this ultimately reveals about your thesis

  • How does this evidence support your topic sentence? What does this paragraph demonstrate about the claim in your thesis? Why do these ideas matter with regard to this essay project?

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