ENG4U Racial Discrimination and Five Smooth Stones Literary Essay

Essay Writing Summative Assignment

I. For your culminating project in this
course, it is your task to write a literary essay in which you develop your own
original, creative, and interesting thesis based on an independently studied novel.
The goal of your essay is to

i. reveal the development of a major character (s)

ii. reveal an important theme in your chosen novel.

iii. Describe the symbolism used in the novel

A literary essay has several distinct features:

  • An engaging introduction that builds towards a clear thesis
  • Five paragraphs that allow a series of logical and coherent arguments to unfold which prove your stated thesis
  • A conclusion that summarizes a few key ideas and makes some final observations
  • An organizational structure in each body paragraph which a) introduces the idea being argued b) provides evidence (quotation) to prove the idea c) explains how the quotation supports the idea being argued in the paragraph
  • Includes quotations from the primary text as well as two secondary sources (minimum).
  • Powerpoint Presentation

    II Also make a power point presentation to present your answers in a creative manner for the class. Make your ppt. based on the elements of story. Also add two additional slides based on the questions:

    i. Why have you chosen this book

    ii. why would you recommend this book to others M arks will be awarded on the basis of effort, creativity, understanding and application of the basic concepts of the novel. (20 marks)


    1. Make the bibliography used to make presentation and/or writing the essay.

    2. Please attach Assignment and rubric sheet with your submission. Also submit a print out of power point presentation. (Multiple slides on one page)

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