ENG 205 Diet Coke Print Advertisements Comparison Paper

The paper is designed to demonstrate that you know how to evaluate the arguments and analysis of others and how to support your own contentions. (MLA FORMAT)

Analyze three print or television or electronic advertisements for the same or similar products. That is, compare television ads for beer to other television ads for beer, online ads for cologne to other online ads for cologne, ads in magazines for mascara to other ads in magazines for mascara, and so on. Restrict your consideration to the same or similar products — an ad for perfume can be constructively compared or contrasted to another ad for perfume, but comparing an ad for perfume to an ad for a car will not result in a meaningful essay. If you want to specialize further, you could compare different ads for exactly the same brand of the same product. (For example, sometimes it is instructive to compare an ad used today for men’s deodorant to a different ad used for the same deodorant a month ago or five years ago. Usually there are changes. Why?) . What types of appeal are used in the ads? A few questions to consider: Where is the ad published? Who is the intended audience for the ad? How is the ad laid out? What draws the audience’s attention? Is color used? Are there beautiful or ideal people depicted? What does the ad want its viewers to believe will happen if they buy the advertised object? and so forth. Look at the ways each ad tries to influence the observer. Overall, which ad is more successful? Why? If possible, include copies of the ads or references to sites where they are easily found.

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