ENG 1A CCCC Rhetorical Map Motifs Literal Devices & Oryx and Crake Discussion

Assignment 1

PP3 – Midterm AS and RESPONSE DRAFT SUBMISSION LINK Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 1 Submitting a file upload File Types doc and docx Find the AS for PP3 here; submit it straight to me for feedback!

# find the instructions file on attachment 🙂

Assignment 2

1. Complete a RHETORICAL MAP of your own assignment! Consider both the literal and the contrived components of the task in the creation of your map. (It does not have to be a triangle/image; it should cover all 5 aspects of the rhetorical situation).
2. What do you think went WELL in completing PP3?
3. What was especially difficult or posed a particular challenge?
4. Look back at the PP3 Assignment SheetA – pay special attention to the TASK. Look at the rhetorical map you created above. How do the two align? How are they different?
5. Was there any part of the task that you missed or you want another chance to fulfill?

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