ENG 123 SNHU Society Changes on Technology Evolution Essay Outline


For this activity, you will construct a reverse outline of your persuasive essay draft. Answer the following questions to make a reverse outline of the essay draft you completed in the previous module. You should begin by opening your essay in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Then, in a separate Word document, complete the following steps.

  1. Type or copy and paste your thesis into your Word document.
  2. Type or copy and paste your first body paragraph into your Word document (TIP: If you retype it, you might catch small-scale errors, such as grammar or punctuation).
  3. In the body paragraph you just copied, designate each element of the PIE method (Point, Information, and Explanation) by placing the letter P, I, or E in front of the corresponding sentence. Then, type brief notes about whether or not you need more information. (TIP: If you’re having trouble finding the elements of the PIE method, it might indicate a problem and the need for revision.)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the rest of your body paragraphs.



The PIE method can also help you make decisions about how to structure your writing to make sure you are providing enough evidence at the appropriate times. The following graphic describes the PIE method of paragraph formatting.

The P is for point. The first thing you should do in a paragraph is clearly state the point you will be making. This point should be clearly related to your overall project. The I is for information. Next, provide information or evidence that supports that point. This is where you will cite sources using a combination of quotations and summaries. The E is for explanation. Finally, make it clear why the information provided supports the points you introduced at the start of the paragraph. You should not assume your audience will understand why the information presented is supportive of your points without adequate explanation.

The following sample paragraph is constructed according to the PIE method and includes an integrated quotation. Click on each of the highlighted areas below to read more about how that piece of the paragraph contributes to a well integrated citation.

In “Examining the Business Impact of Owner Commitment to Sustainability,” Beheiry et al. explain that their experiment suggested that companies that were more committed to all three pillars of sustainable business practices—social development, environmental sustainability, andeconomic development—were more likely to see projects coming in under budget and on schedule. The authors claim that this is important because, as they write, “the historical tendency to focus on environmental sustainability overaligned SD [sustainable development], with the green movement and alienated the business executives” (Beheiry et al. 384). The authors argue that the reason many companies are slow to embrace sustainable practices is that there is no relevant business case to persuade those in charge that sustainability will increase value to shareholders. The results of this experiment may be used to support the idea that sustainability can reduce costs, which might encourage business owners to adopt sustainable management practices.

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