Egypt Piramid Structure

1.You will choose ONE topic from the choices given below on which to write.

a.Should the Parthenon marbles be returned to Greece? Develop a full analysis either for or against the return of these artifacts to Athens. (See “Who Owns the Art? The Elgin Marbles and the Euphronios Krater to get you started. This can be found in Chapter 5, Art and Its Context link in the discussion of the Parthenon)

b. Compare and contrast the construction, function and symbolism of pyramid structures from two different cultures.

c. Analyze the development of the imagery of Christ from the early Christian period through to the Byzantine period.

d. Examine the changing worldview of the Romanesque world to the Gothic period. How did this affect these sculptural representations?

e. Choose any three representations of important people that we have covered (rulers, emperors, kings, religious leaders) and compare how authority and power have been portrayed differently by different cultures or eras.2. at least 4 pages

3. double-spaced

4. use a 12-point font

5. Art history

6.must include at least three resources as evidence of your research in a bibliography

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