ECO 204 Week 4 Quiz

This pack of ECO 204 Week 4 Quiz consists of:

1. Marginal damage cost is the

additional harm done by increasing the level of an externality-producing activity by one unit.

additional cost to society resulting from a privately owned firm producing one more unit of a product.

amount a consumer pays to produce an additional unit of a good.

additional cost to society resulting from a consumer consuming one more unit of a good.

2. Tax shifting ________ .

is the way in which a tax is structured

is the ultimate distribution of a tax’s burden

occurs when taxes cause prices to increase, but wages to fall

occurs when taxed agents can alter their behavior and do something to avoid paying a tax

3. The official poverty line in the United States is set ________ .

equal to one-half the average income in the United States

at three times the cost of the Department of Agriculture’s minimum food budget

at three times the cost of the Department of Housing’s minimum housing allowance

at the amount necessary to allow an individual to buy the same market basket of goods that the average urban wage earner can afford

4. If the marginal tax rate equals the average tax rate, the tax would be





5. Air pollution generated by a steel mill is an example of

a positive production externality.

a negative production externality.

a public good.

the free-rider problem.

6. In 2007 about 14% of personal income in the United States came from

wages and salaries.

property income.

transfer payments.


7. If the government levies a tax on a chemical company that created an external social cost, the tax should equal marginal ________ to ensure an efficient correction.

private cost

social cost


damage cost

8. A tax whose burden is the same proportion of income for all households is

a regressive tax.

a progressive tax.

a proportional tax.

an equal tax.

9. The total amount of tax you pay divided by your total income is the

marginal tax rate.

average tax rate.

total tax rate.

proportional tax rate.

10. Second hand cigarette smoke is an example of a(n) ________.

economy of scale


public good

government failure

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