ECED302 Bristol Community College Personal Education Statement Worksheet

Developing a Philosophy Statement

Why do you want to become an early childhood educator?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a good teacher?

What are my beliefs about how children learn

Why is teaching an important career?

What is the role of observation and assessment in your teaching?

How is student learning and potential maximized effectively?

What are the qualities of an excellent teacher?

What methods of teaching are most effective?

What is my view of the role of the family and community in teaching?

What are the obstacles facing children and families and how can I help them overcome these obstacles?

Are there education quotes that have stood out for you in your readings in this program?

Are there quotes from ECED 302 course texts that can support your beliefs

Who are the theorists that inform who you are as an educator? (Note: there may be several – choose 1 or 2 and provide a brief reason for the connection to your teaching practice)

Create a final statement, summarizing 2 key points from what you’ve already written.Select those items that you feel strongly about and how they’ll influence your work in the teaching profession.

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