Eastern Kentucky University Pluck Not Luck by Bill Mansell Questions

This section provides a resource link in blue.

1. Click on this link and print out the page.

2. Read the short article and highlight in yellow or circle all passive verbs (be, being, been, am, is, are, was, were) found in this article. Hint: 20 passive verbs. Note if you attach a photograph of the print out with the 20 passive verb highlighted or circled, you will earn two bonus points to the DB post.

3. Research shows students who print out the sheet and do this step actually complete the assignment better. The photo shows proof of completion.

4. Retype this complete article, and change the passive verbs following the RE DQ and ABCDE information.

5. Please note that two sentences have a * and an **. This means the sentence has a corresponding footnote at the bottom of the article. You must fix these two sentences more than removing passive verbs.

6. Go to the underlined link below and post your retyped revised essay without passive verbs except in RB DQ. Please keep the same paragraph divisions. Please post (not attach) your newly revised essay within the DB post section. If you want the two bonus points, post an attachment of the sheet you printed out with the 20 passive verbs highlighted.

7. Please read the assignments of other students. You are not required to make any responses. However, the beauty of this assignment includes the great variety of sentences that come from the revisions.

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