DuPont Network Telecommunication

  • The First physical signs that Teflon was dangerous to the workers was Birth Defects of children born to workers. Initially how many babies were born with Birth Defects ?
  • Wilbur Tennant sold land to DuPont, what was he hold about how this land was going to be used ? What was his first clue that lead him to believe there was something Toxic ?
  • How far back did DuPont own records go, in the study of the Toxicity of C-8 / Teflon ?
  • DuPont started to test Workers blood for C-8 in the Mid 70s. Where did they find “Clean Blood” to use as the Baseline Sample for comparison ?
  • When did the Public Notice go out to the Residents about C-8 in their water ?
  • What did 3M tell DuPont about the contact of C-8 and the Water Supply ?
  • In 2000 3M made the decision to stop making their ScotchGuard. How much were their estimated loses for the First Year ?
  • What was the EPA roles in this ?
  • In 1988 DuPonts own Cancer Study found C-8 was causing what negative health effects ?
  • What was the Legal Significants of the timing of the Public Notice about C-8 being in the Public Drink Water ?
  • What did DuPont continue to use C-8 in its products, after it know they were liable for past, present and future exposure of this Toxic Chemical ?
  • What was DuPonts influence on the EPA ?
  • What Year did DuPont finally decide to ask for Mediation / Settlement talk to begin ?
  • Under the $343M dollar settlement DuPont agreed to an Epidemiological study of the residents along the Ohio river. What challenges did this study face ?
  • What was the Global response to the exposure of C-8 ?
  • What was the legal ramifications of the Science Panel (Epidemiological study) findings for those people that had diseases related to C-8 ?

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