DIT Talent Management Dimensions Journal Article Review

This is an individual written assignment based on the review of a journal article on Human Resource Management in the hospitality and tourism industry. The whole article should conclude three parts.

1. Summer Section: Students need to summarize the research aims and objectives, theory/concepts had been covered in the paper, the research methodology used, and the key findings of the paper.

2. Critical Review: Discuss and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses article, the evaluation should base on specific criteria e.g. appropriate use of research methodology; theoretical and practical implications; Other references offered to support the view. Students also need to indicate the limitation of the research and provide recommendations on how the article can be improved.

3. Application: Based on the research findings and the theory as covered in the paper, students need to suggest how the hospitality industry can improve their human resource management and developing a competitive advantage.

Formatting Requirement : Format Using font Type “Times New Roman”; Size 12; Double line spacing; Page numbers must be included at the bottom of each page

Reference: style APA (6th edition); All references used to support the analysis must be cited/listed correctly according to the APA (6th edition) format

Length of the summary: 1,500+ words

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