Deliverable 1 – Organizational Development Process Report


Examine the role of organization development in anticipating and effecting change in organizations.

Scenario Information

An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian
Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as
optimum as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is
up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational
Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues
and what they should do next to get back on track.


In your first days of your new role as the OD consultant, you know
your first task is to complete a needs analysis for change. During this
process, you have noticed a misconception of what organizational
development is at the new company. The company has come to you and asked
for a report outlining the importance of using the
Organizational Development process for their situation, including your
analysis of what they should be prepared for, such as employee

For your report, you have been asked to analyze and address the following:

  • Introduce the meaning of organizational development; what it is and what it is not.
  • What is the need for change with these merged companies?
  • How can the renewal process be used by the company to adapt to change?
  • What are potential employee resistances the company should be aware of?
  • How can the company overcome these resistances?

The format for your report should be in a business, professional format.

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