Defense Mechanism and How Effective Is Psychotherapy Discussion Paper

– At least 4 sources

– APA format


– 2 pargraphs to 1 fully paragraph for each questions and fully answering the questions.

(1) how effective is psychotherapy? How efficacious is psychotherapy? What is the difference between effectiveness and efficaciousness? What are limitations of psychotherapy. What is considered the control group in psychotherapy outcome studies?

(2) describe what is meant by a defense mechanism? Where do defense mechanisms originate. Name and describe four types of defense mechanisms and give concrete examples of each four.

(3) explain the relationship among the humanistic concepts of real self, ideal self, self-actualization, and conditions of worth. Describe humanistic (Rogerian) therapy. Why does humanistic (Rogerian Psychotherapy) take a hands-of approach and how does this help the client they are working with?

(4) what is exposure therapy? Please describe the process of exposure therapy. What types of psychological problems or disorders is it usually used to treat? Include key elements or techniques used in this type of therapy.

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