Cumberlands Week 6 Perspective of Customer Service Discussion Questions

This paper is to be typed in APA format and must be 6 pages in content
excluding the title page and the reference page. The paper should have
the following headings in APA style format: Introduction, Question 1,
Question 2, Question 3, Question 4, Conclusion. References should be on a
separate page. The textbook must be cited where it is
paraphrased or quoted and you are required to use at least two other
sources other than your text.
You are required to follow the writing requirements for this class.

Provide substantial insight and discuss to the following case questions:

  1. Compare
    and Contrast the three options from the perspective of customer
    service. Which will provide the best level of service? Why.
  2. Compare
    and contrast the three options from the perspective of cost. Which one
    will provide the most economical solution for PFC. Why?
  3. What types of functional and cost trade-offs will Himmer need to analyze?
  4. Which distribution option gives PFC the best opportunity for future success? Why?

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