CRT 205 Week 2 Chapter Review Quiz

This file of CRT 205 Week 2 Chapter Review Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. It is generally reasonable to accept an unsupported claim if it does not conflict with your own observations, your background knowledge, or with other credible claims and if it comes from a credible source that you do not suspect of bias.2. It is fair to say that some people, because of their particular training, are better than the average person at making reliable observations.3. A claim’s “initial plausibility” is assessed by which of the following?4. In general, the more knowledgeable a person is about a given subject, the more reason there is to accept what the person says about it.5. Eyewitness reports, in general, are exceptions to the rule that weigh a person’s expertise in an area to determine whether or not to believe what they say. Everyone is equally qualified to make eyewitness reports.6. When assessing two conflicting eyewitness reports, one should trust the report of an expert over that of a layperson.7. Which of the following criteria is not relevant when determining a person’s expertise in a given area?8. It is fair to conclude that there are some areas in which no person should be considered an expert.9. In general it is safe to assume that claims made by the news media can be accepted as true without being suspicious.

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