Crestview High School Homelessness Annotated Bibliography

Find resources about Think Dignity, their mobile shower unit, solar water heating, and/or issues around homelessness (in U.S. or in San Diego). Your team should submit an annotated bibliography with twice the number of members on your team (e.g., a 4-person team should have 8 different resources). Three of those resources (found on Blackboard) must be:

  1. 2019 WeALLCount data sheet
  2. Think Dignity Fresh Start Showers Manual
  3. Role of Stereotyping and Media Framing on the Criminalization of Homelessness

You may use the other resources provided towards your entry count, or you may find other resources on your own. For each work reviewed, create and complete a table like the example provided in class. This annotated bibliography will eventually become one section of your final design report.

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