Creating a Drug Program

You are developing a new drug program for prison inmates. You are required to make the program similar to programs for non-incarcerated adult males. Putting together all the elements of a drug abuse program will include but not be limited to: Screening, Testing, Diagnosis, Assessment, Referral, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, 12-step groups

You supervisor needs you to identify, describe, and justify the elements you will want to utilize in the program as well as a list of why it is necessary or important to the recovery of the inmates in your program. Use the following list as a guide.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 4–5 pages:

For each of the items in the list below, address the following three questions:

Briefly describe and summarize this activity/process.

How would you utilize it in the prison setting? Explain.

Why is this activity/process important to drug addiction treatment and recovery?

The list is as follows:






Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

12-step groups

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

4-5 referemces

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