CPIT 221 King Abdulaziz University Grammar Mistakes in Sentences Reporting Template

There is 4 files for two students, student A and Student B , The pdf files contains the articles and the word files contains the students work.

My instructor asked us to correct each other mistakes, so she gave me a work of two students to check whether these students fixed their choice of sentences and the reason for their fix appropriately or not. I don’t need you to erase their work. There is a table called Peer Grading Policy above the table of their corrections, and I want you to do that part.

For example, If the student find out 10 mistakes and only has corrected 8, You will put a mark on ( ‎◻‎Identified 10 ‎mistakes correctly) and mark on (‎◻‎ ‎8-9 sentences are ‎corrected properly.‎)

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