Corporate and Ethics Socially Responsible Management Practices Discussion

Discussion Post 5:

Having a true understanding of each of the important aspects of this chapter truly holds a great amount of weight within an organization, with its competitors, the employees, current customers, and past customers. One of the best ways for each of these groups to connect with the organization is to see action taking place.

For this discussion, please respond in a way to showcase an example of socially responsible management practices. Make sure you include your thoughts on what you learned in connection with the knowledge gained from the text or outside source.

Discussion Post Instructions

  • Initial Post 200 words.
  • Two reply to peers 100 words each.I will screenshot it and post it here.
  • Make sure to reference at least one source, of your choosing, within your initial post to support your thoughts.


Assignment 5:

Assignment Overview

Ethics. CSR. Sustainability. Each of these are words that most businesses strive to achieve as part of their descriptions. Why? Because even though bad press often travels more quickly than good press, many organizations still have a conscious and choose to give and not take. Not only are organizations working diligently to improve employee morale and trust, but the faith of their customers as well. VW and The Honest Company have been in the news recently being accused of dishonesty. The damages can be far-reaching. In addition, some companies cannot recover from breaches of trust.

Assignment Instructions

This week, you will not be required to include your chosen organization (unless you chose to) or the industry in general.

  • You will have the academic freedom to choose one U.S. based organization and one overseas-based organization to compare and contrast at least two of the topics within the chapter.
  • Make sure to include how your personal values do or do not match with the company values.

Assignment Directions

  • The minimum requirement is 500 words exclusive of the title and reference pages.
  • APA formatting is expected with at least two outside sources (in addition to your text) cited in your paper.

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