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Essay #1 Personal Narrative

the prompt:  write a personal narrative explaining and reflecting on something that has changed your life or transformed your community — write in the first person and select a tightly-limited situation or a single episode. 

several topic ideas:

  • (a)  a moment in which you made an important and life-changing decision 
  • (b)  how you have been influenced by someone whom you know personally, either positively or negatively
  • (c)  personal experience with an important social issue (such as homelessness, domestic violence,  addiction, disabilities, incarceration, or chronic illness)
  • (d) something you or a family member have done to improve the world around you  
  • (e) your relationship or experiences with the environment or natural world 
  • (f)  a personal experience with or intimate knowledge of immigration (you, your family, a close friend, etc.)  

Examples and discussion of personal narrative writing will be provided through reading selections from 40 Model Essays and sample student essays.


2-3 pages long (minimum 2 full pages for a passing grade)MLA formatting (see syllabus for guidelines)  

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