COMM 300 UMUC Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Leadership Annotated Bibliography

Analytical Annotated Bibliography for three authoritative sources that you plan to use in your project to support your thesis. I have attached 3 scholarly journals on the assignment. 3 more are needed. I also attached some examples of how the assignment should look like.

You must use at least six
authoritative sources in your final project, at least three of which
must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles about communication
research studies from the UMGC library’s databases. For this assignment,
you will document your research on possible resolutions of your
workplace* communication problem by writing an analytical annotated
bibliography about three authoritative sources that you found in
the UMGC library and plan to use in your project to support your thesis.
Look for academic and business sector research studies on possible
resolutions to your workplace communication problem.

Format: The Analytical Annotated Bibliography must contain the following information:

  1. Use an APA-style title page.
  2. Repeat the title of your assignment at the top of Page 2.
  3. Provide the name of the communication theory you are using in your final project.
  4. Provide the thesis you are working with at this point in your project’s development.
  5. Create an APA-style reference citation for the resource.
  6. Write
    a paragraph annotation of between 100-200 words (excluding APA-style
    reference) that answers at least the following questions:

    1. What is the resource about? Summarize its purpose, findings, argument, and/or conclusions.
    2. What is the resource’s greatest strength in relation to your project’s focus? Assess the resource’s strengths, weaknesses, or biases.
    3. What role will the resource play in your project? Evaluate the resource’s relevance to your project.
  7. Repeat Nos. 5 and 6 above for each of your three sources.

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