COM 565 SNHU Demographics of Mobile Device Ownership and Adoption in US Discussion


Create three examples or suggestions for media that do not currently exist in the digital marketplace, or analyze how a current digital product used by media could be improved. How will this affect the future of the communication field? Use examples from course assignments and readings from the term to support your thoughts.



Textbook: Practicing Convergence Journalism

Chapters 9 and 11

Article: Mobile Fact Sheet
This article contains statistical information from 2018 on mobile phone users and how dependent consumers are on their smartphones.

Article: Smartphones vs. Computers: The Device Impact On Global Marketing Strategy
This article details how mobile devices have influenced the digital economy around the world, overtaking desktop computers and tablets as the most popular digital technology.

Article: News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2018
This article outlines how most Americans receive news through social media as opposed to other traditional forms of media.

Article: Use of Mobile Devices for News Continues to Grow, Outpacing Desktops and Laptops
Review this article from Module One that describes how more consumers use their mobile devices to access news than they do desktop and laptop computers.

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