COM 340 Week 2 DQ 1 Expert Opinion and Critical Thinking in Research

This pack of COM 340 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 Expert Opinion and Critical Thinking in Research includes:

Review the information in Chapter 6 about expert opinion and select a topic from science or technology on which experts might disagree (for example, possible health hazards of cell phones, global warming/global climate change, or the value of vitamin supplements). Use the Internet to research this topic and find one point on which experts seem to agree, one point on which experts disagree, and one opinion that seems to be influenced by financial or political motives. In your discussion post, state your topic, report the three points above, and discuss what your learned from this research. Be sure to cite the URL of the websites you used for your information. Explain in at least 200 – 250 words. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings by Day 7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of three posts for this discussion.)

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