COM 220 Grammar Exercise 3

This document of COM 220 Grammar Exercise 3 shows the solutions to the following questions:

Commonly confused words

1. All over the world, people struggle to (ensure/insure) that wild animals do not damage their property.

2. As people move (farther/further) out into former wilderness areas, animals may become a bigger problem.

3. In some cases, wild animals (adapt/adopt) to humans rather easily.

4. In the northeastern United States, for example, many homeowners are searching for a repellent to keep (dear/deer) away.

5. Lion urine, deer blood, wolf hair, and soap have all been used as deer repellents, but the results (vary/very) from place to place and from deer to deer.

6. Bird lovers will try almost anything to protect feeders from rodents, but most repellents have little (affect/effect) on seed-loving squirrels.

7. Farmers in Zimbabwe must deal with wild elephants (who’s/whose) raids threaten both villagers and crops.

8. Elephants are smarter (than/then) deer or squirrels.

9. The enormous elephants are also a (grate/great) threat to the safety of both the crops and people who grow them.

10. Farmers in Zimbabwe are now using a hot pepper repellent to (brake/break) elephants of the crop-raiding habit.

Commonly confused words

1. Fares on most airlines can be a grate bargain.

2. If you’re willing to travel in economy class and buy your ticket in advance, you can fly for very little money.

3. Off course, their is a catch.

4. The airlines know that many people will except poor conditions if the price is right.

5. When choosing among airlines, most customers will take the flight that costs less dollars.

6. The flights maybe more crowded and there maybe little or no food, but many customers put up with poor conditions.

7. If flying were an everyday experience, more passengers in economy class might rebel against the cramped seats.

8. The airlines ensure people that passenger comfort is important, but for some airlines, good service is not quiet a priority.

9. Whether you’re a frequent flier or an occasional traveler, you know that airlines aren’t looking for compliments from their economy passengers.

10. Airlines may be conscious of the discomfort of passengers in the cheap seats, but they probably will not change their ways unless they lose business.

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