Colorado Technical University Effective Leadership in Organizations Responses

Student post down below:

Continuing growth from past learning curves requires that skillful leadership shape the organization and promote positive change in the mission. Leadership skills can continuously be developed by becoming part of civic organizations and staying abreast of local affairs. Becoming a more significant presence in the community creates an environment to understand the need for more advocacy and resource programs in the Riverbend area. When community collaboration continues to improve, the lives of those who require assistance flourish, and new programs emerge (Lewis, Ratts, Paladino & Toporek, 2011).

The rationale behind a positive leadership statement is to “evolution has gained importance for theory and practice in organizational behavior through theories on sensemaking” (Arnulf & Martinsen, 2018). Ensuring that an agency is understood by its leadership as well as by its community, primarily when supported by tax dollars, is essential for continued support and growth to continue providing services to the immediate area.

Historically, individuals with developmental disabilities have had a stigma attached to them. Small communities have been long wary of including the developmental disabilities population due to these stigmas. Stigmas include how community members may perceive and individual by their physical appearances, perceived limitations, and cognition. However, society continues to evolve and change the way they look and support individuals with developmental disabilities. The RISE initiative that is being developed by the JCBS task force will include the following elements to ensure its community success in the future and as a way to compensate for past discriminations for those living with developmental disabilities:

1.Augmentation of existing resources and inclusive activities within the community for individuals with developmental disabilities.

2.Assessment and stabilization of services within Johnson County.

3.Development of inclusive service plans for community inclusiveness

4.Provision of technical assistance to community members and stakeholders to enhance the accessibility and ability to include and serve individuals with developmental disabilities.

5. Ensure education and training opportunities regarding individuals with developmental disabilities.

6. Develop and build on relationships with Johnson County community members and businesses concerning shared responsibility and clarification on how to help, serve, and include individuals with developmental disabilities.

7. Continue to assess the community, population, and inclusiveness via the RISE initiative task force.

8. Measure all outcomes and develop program changes when needed to ensure Johnson County community members’ inclusiveness success.

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