Colorado State University National Response Framework Discussion

National Response Framework (NRF) and public-private partnerships established in the NIPP 2013: Partnering for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. For this assignment, you will write an informed essay in which you further explore how the NRF provides guidance to build resilient capabilities in response to disasters of increasing frequency and magnitude.

After starting your essay with an introduction, address the information below in your essay.

  • Explain what the NRF is and how it connects to or supports other federal systems, policies, and strategies for national preparedness activities.
  • Examine how partnerships are structured to support national preparedness and response efforts. Give a recent example of a disaster response and how the partnership structure was utilized.
  • Discuss the five core principles on which the NRF is built and how these principles are applied to critical infrastructure protection (CIP) response efforts. Support your discussion with examples of current, specific challenges to applying each of the five principles.
  • Discuss the concept of community lifelines and how added focus in this area can improve NRF responses.

You must use at least two academically reliable sources to support your essay.

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