CMGT 445 Week 4 DQs

This pack of CMGT 445 Week 4 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Shirshendu and Ghatak (2007) discuss the importance of quality in the software product. They make the case that quality ultimately pays for itself. Analyze and discuss the meaning of this assertion and detail what the operations need to be to get a product to the point that the cost of the quality pays for itself.

DQ 2: Once a computer application has been developed and tested, what are some of the key concerns of the project manager for releasing the software for actual use in the business? What would you say are some of the pitfalls to be avoided in this process?

DQ 3: Spreadsheets are used in many companies as mini databases. Cunha, et al. (2009), present techniques to migrate the data in a spreadsheet into a relational database format. Discuss the applicability of this technique to the conversion of spreadsheets in your own company to a large relational database.

DQ 4: What are some ways in which vendor proposals can be evaluated? What methods are employed in your place of employment?

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