CMGT 442 Week 2 DQs and Summary

This document of CMGT 442 Week 2 Discussion Questions and Summary comprises:

DQ 1: Based on the Keston (2008) article, how important is enterprise identity management for reducing risk throughout the enterprise? Please explain why a viable risk management strategy must include, at a minimum, a solid enterprise identity management process.

DQ 2: Based on the Barr (2009) article, what type of software should be considered to provide adequate security management across the enterprise? Is this a practical solution? Why or why not?


This week as we explore risk control models, please summarize two “technology use” related policies and/or procedures currently implemented within your respective organization (past, present or hypothetical) which you would consider a risk control element and provide a reason why it is implemented? As you consider your response to this week’s weekly summary, you may want to refer to your respective organization’s technology use policies or simply describe some of the day to day security/risk management activities and procedures that you follow. As part of your weekly participation credit, please provide a feedback response to at least one other fellow class member regarding their initial response and how it may be similar or differ from practices within your respective organization.

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