Classic English literature- Rhetoric to eloquence

Classic English literature- Rhetoric to eloquence

Subject of the final essay:

Over the course of this semester, we have constantly revisited Denis Donoghue’s definitions of “eloquence” and “rhetoric.” We’ve done this in part to examine a fundamental question about being human: If a language is a set of rules imposed on us by the “form of life” we inhabit, how do we use those rules eloquently—to discover the certitude of being alive in our own bodies, and to imagine new forms of life beyond the already known forms of it—instead of using language to merely uphold our traditional narratives about the world? In other words, how do we transform rhetoric into eloquence? Write an essay examining three pieces of world literature that confront this problem. Focus specifically on characters that are capable of transfiguring the rhetorical strategies of their respective cultures into eloquence.

The papers must be 7 pages in length and you must use at least four critical sources (Girl, Book of Job chapter 6-16, Book of Proverb chapter 1-9, and Ovid) No outside sources. No internet sources. .

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