Chapter 8 Social Class in the United States – Poverty Research paper

Research paper investigating will be about Chapter 8: Social Class in the United States, Focus on Poverty, from the book (named below). Also I have attached some class notes about chapter 8, you can find it on attached file.

Book Name:

Tischler, H. L. 2014. Introduction to Sociology (11th ed.). Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace College Wadsworth Publishing.


  • This paper requires full 8 pages.
  • Using a minimum of five references from journal articles, social science texts or other scholarly works.
  • The paper will follow the APA style requirements.
  • This paper is worth a lot of points, so please insure a 100% originality and high-quality work.

Note: This paper must be 100% original as it will be checked through TurnItin website for plagiarism.

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