CEFS 515 LU African American Women Against Domestic Violence Discussion

This research paper is based off of the materials and assignments (Topic Selection & Annotated Bibliography) you’ve already received and completed. I will attach the already completed materials as a aide to help with the research paper. The link presentations are just refreshers of statistics as well as there are three statistics documents that are refreshers and an aide to writing the paper. Also, the instructions and rubric are attached. The citations that you must use are the article itself as well as the sources from the annotated bibliography. Please read the instructions very carefully as they are extremely detailed.





The text for the course is Hepper, P.P., Wampold, B. E., Owen, J., Thompson, M. N., & Wang, K. T. (2016). Research design in counseling. Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1305087316

If you need access to the digital copy of the text please ask for it.

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Make sure you research an article that lists a FORMAL instrument that measures self-protective behaviors. You could have two groups- both African American females
who have experienced DV, one group from one SES and another one from another SES.

Then, you measure their differences in self-protective behaviors. You will see if there is a difference between the African American females who are in a higher
SES in comparison to the African American females who are in a lower SES. (This is the basis for the research proposal).

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