CC Fixed vs Growth Mindset Graphic Organizer & The Raising Smart Kids Discussions

you haven’t already done so, be sure to go into Canvas and submit our Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset Class Discussion response which is due before 10 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, 2/4, and reply to two other students so you receive full points.

Additionally, you will want to complete our Week 1 Module in the next few days so you are well-prepared for our assignments due Tues. 2/9:

  1. Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset Graphic Organizer for “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”
    • For the T-chart graphic organizer, use details and information from Dweck’s article to provide the definitions and examples of a fixed vs. growth mindset.
    • For the example connections, use an example from your own experience or someone you know to show what it’s like to struggle with a fixed mindset, and then eventually develop a growth mindset to do much better, such as a challenging math class your senior year of high school, where you finally went to a tutor and ended up learning the material and earning a “B,” etc.
    • The graphic organizer is designed to help you understand the main idea, subpoints, and important details from the article, and to help organize your ideas to make it easier to write the summary and response for Dweck’s article.
    • Be sure to save this as a Word Doc to your files, and submit it to Canvas so I can open and read it.

  1. Summary and Response #1 for Dr. Carol Dweck’s The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”
    • Print out and read the S & R #1 (Summary & Response) Guidelines and Writing Frame carefully to help you write a well-organized academic summary and response.
    • You can literally use the S & R #1 sentence starters on page 3-5 to help organize your ideas–these are just a guide, so feel free to change the phrasing as needed to match your discussion.
    • Make sure you look at the S & R #1 Writing Frame Pg 3-5 carefully, as well as the sample student summary and responses and make your organization, paper, and quote formatting look the same so you are using the MLA (Modern Language Association) college writing style.
    • Make sure to type and save this as a Word Doc to your files, and submit it to Canvas so I can open and read it.

Click on the links below to complete these assignments, be sure to save your work as a Word Doc, and submit to Canvas before 10 p.m Tues. 2/9.

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