Case Study CompuCo

  1. Read and analyze the case titled “CompuCo (PDF)” then, answer the questions that follow. What changes (if any) would you recommend Dr. Durand make in CompuCo’s global NPD strategy and organizational capabilities to ensure that it can achieve its worldwide NPD objectives?
    • What steps do you recommend that he take to successfully implement these changes?
    • Why does the French company want (need) to be in the U.S. market?
  2. Use the reading, The Practice of Global Product Development (With Updates by Steven D. Eppinger), as well as the lecture, to analyze the case and answer the three questions above. Use footnotes to cite the reading and the lecture that you use in your case write-up.
  3. Compose your answer as a MS Word document and submit it using the drop box provided in the Assignments area. This analysis should be no more than 4 pages, 1 ½ spacing. Use 1 inch margins all around. Be sure to number your pages.

Submit your assignment to the Turnitin dropbox located in the assignments area

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