Cartoonists and Political History Essay

Length and style: 5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch marginsPrompt: For this essay, you need to discuss ways that political cartoonists from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries graphically disparaged immigrant groups. The political cartoons you should use for your paper are available on Canvas in a PowerPoint file in the Modules section. You can also use cartoons and material from the textbook, including from Document Project 19, as you write your essay. In your paper, focus not only on the words in the cartoons but on the images. How did the cartoonists use art and imagery to suggest that Irish, Italian, Jewish and Chinese immigrants were a threat to the United States? Your thesis statement (the main point or argument of your essay) should answer that question in a single sentence. That means that, although the groups were defined as threats in distinct in addition to common ways, you need to find a common theme to use in your thesis statement. Underline you

The dead line is in 4 hours. Very basic words as a second language and plagiarism free my first draft was about Anti-Italian Cartoon and Anti-Irish Cartoon. I attached the pictures too .also i have talked about cartoon 2,4 and 10. Thank you

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