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      I need serious help and own work in this assignment.  Turn-in will be use to ensure plagiarize isnot use. You may select any business-related case decided by a state court, afederal court, or the United States Supreme Court.  Therecommended Web sites for researching and locating a case are listed above inthe Resources area.  This analysis shouldbe no more than two pages, doubles-spaced. Reference and citations are to adhere to APA formatting and styleguideline. Chapter 1 Law andLegal reasoning, Chapter 2 the Court System, Chapter 3 Alternative and onlinedispute resolution.  By Miller, R.L.,& Cross, .F. B. (2014) The legal environment of business: Text andcase-ethical, regulatory, global, and corporate issues (9th ed).Mason, OH: South-Western.

      Pleaseensure to include Summarizes the importance, context, purpose, andrelevance of law in a business environment; presents the facts of the case toillustrate the context, purpose, and relevance.

      Evaluateskey judicial concepts that influence the decisions related to business;provides examples and cites dissenting rules and reasons for dissent.

      Exhibitsinformation literacy skills as applied to business law; supports statementswith legal research from credible legal research databases and onlineresources.

      Each case law analysis allows you to express yourself as clearlyand fully as possible in dissecting a court decision. The purpose of theassignment is two-fold:

      1. To give you the opportunity to read a realcourt decision.

      2. To challenge you to think about how you would have decidedthe case. In your case law analyses, you must be able to navigate the court’sdecision and summarize it; you are not expected to act as a judge or anadvocate.

      Using your selected court decision, prepare an analysis thatresponds to the following:

      2 Articulate the importance, context, purpose, and relevance oflaw in a business environment:

      -Identify the parties who are before the court.

      -Provide a brief background to problem. Summarize the facts inno more than 2–3 paragraphs.

      -Identify the specific disagreement between the parties.

      -Explain the ruling of the court in no more than 1–2 paragraphs.

      3. Evaluate key judicial concepts that influence the decisionsrelated to business:

      -Was there a dissenting opinion? If so, explain why some of thejudges or justices disagreed with the majority in the decision.

      -Do you agree with the court’s decision? Why or why not?

      You may choose any court case, either state or federal, as thebasis for each of the case law analyses; however, the case should be applicableto the assignment topic (including being related to business). The recommendedWeb sites for researching and locating a case are listed in the Resources area.

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