BUSN 278 DeVry University Papa Geos Restaurant Budget Proposal PPT & Paper

DISCLAIMER: I just got done asking this question and the tutor sent me a fully plagiarized document they downloaded off coursehero, so PLEASE make sure it is 100% original work and that you full understand the requirements of this question before you accept!!!!!! Please have proposal and excel experience!!

BONUS: I will tip you great if you can really follow through and deliver good work, my last experience went so badly that I need it!

This is a budget proposal for a fictional company called Papa Geo’s Pizza Restaurant. There are 3 parts to this project: Budget Template that must be filled out, Excel Workbook that must show how you got your answers, and finally just transffering all the information into a professional power point. For the power point you won’t need to worry about the color scheme or narration, I can do that part.

Below I will attach all the background information on the company, as well as, the blank documents. The template gives you detailed instructions for each section.


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