BUS 670 Hernandez

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In July 2006, Hernandez was employed by Nestle as an industrial engineer. Hernandez learned of a job opening at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., and applied for it. He interviewed with UPS representatives and received a written job offer from UPS for a management trainee position in the El Paso, Texas, Industrial Engineering Department. He was assured by UPS supervisors that the job was his, so he accepted the UPS offer and quit his job with Nestle. Hernandez terminated the lease on his apartment, discarded his furniture, and incurred moving and traveling expenses by relocating his family to El Paso. When he arrived at UPS, he was informed that his starting date would be delayed, but was assured once again that that he would be employed by UPS. Hernandez worked at UPS for three days, from September 5 through September 7, 2006. Hernandezs work duties consisted of attending UPS orientation for approximately two days and working at home one day. After the second day of orientation, a UPS supervisor told Hernandez that he should go home because he was not an official employee. The next week, a UPS human resources representative informed Hernandez that UPS would not honor the job offer. In addition, Hernandez was not paid for the hours worked from September 5 through September 7, 2006. Hernandez sued UPS on the ground of promissory estoppel to recover his out-of-pocket expenses. Will he win?Respond to at least two of your fellow students

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