BUS 642 Week 3 Exercises

This file of BUS 642 Week 3 Exercises consists of:

1. Complete Making Research Decisions, 5, page 315.

Using this measuring scale we can be pretty sure about the real attitude of the customer about that product. The customer decision in a ranking scale is just based on possible answers of the customer. I strongly believe that the Coke was fine but not 3.more than Sprite. We cannot make any other judgments in such sort of scale.

Complete Terms in Review, 1- 3, page 123.

How does each of these five evaluation factors for a secondary source influence its management decision making value?

2. Distinctions between primary, secondary and tertiary sources in secondary search

3. What problems of secondary data quality must researchers face? How can they deal with them?

On companion website:

1. Read the case study, State Farm: Dangerous Intersections. Answer questions 1 through 5. (This case can be downloaded from the text book web site, highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073373702/student_view0/cases.html)

2. What hypothesis might drive the research of one of the cities on the top 10 dangerous intersection list?

3. Evaluate the methodology for State Farm

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