Multiple Choice Question 29

Managing the transformation of inputs into goods and services is:

apost industrial era process

a direct contributor to the curved earth syndrome.

as old as time

  a twenty-first century developed process.

a design of Frederick Taylor

Multiple Choice Question 24

What percentage of total non-farm jobs in the U.S. economy comes from service-producing industries?






 Multiple Choice Question 40

Who popularized the moving assembly line?

James Watt

Adam Smith

Eli Whitney

Frederick W. Taylor

Henry Ford

Multiple Choice Question 69

Which of the following concepts is linked the least with Henry Ford?

 scientific management

mass production

mass customization


interchangeable parts

Multiple Choice Question 27

Which of the following is not primarily performed by the operation management function?

job design and work measurement

advertising strategy

location analysis

quality management

facility layout

Multiple Choice Question 13

How does Federal Express maintain its ability to compete on time during peak demand periods?

it subcontracts overload to other firms

it purchases more planes


it uses a very flexible part-time workforce

it purchases more vans

Multiple Choice Question 16

Order winners and qualifiers:

are consistent between manufacturing and service organizations

only matter when responding to formal competitive bid requests

remain constant over time

change over time

only apply to quasi-manufacturing firms

Multiple Choice Question 41

Vericol, Inc. manufactures drugs using workers and automated machines. The firm has decided to replace two workers with a new machine, while the output per day is not expected to change. Which of the following cannot be true?

labor productivity will increase

machine productivity will decrease

labor productivity will decrease

multifactor productivity will increase

multifactor productivity will decrease

Multiple Choice Question 37

Suppose that a plant has a total productivity measure of 0.85. What can we conclude?

the plant is not earning profits


the plant should lay off workers

the plant is highly automated

the daily productivity is excellent

Multiple Choice Question 19

What are the three primary types of technology?

product technology, process technology, and information technology

product technology, process technology, and environmental technology

product technology, process technology, and safety technology

information technology, environmental technology, and safety technology

environmental technology, information technology, and process technology

Multiple Choice Question 34

Which of the following is not characteristic of intermittent operations?

capital intensive

general purpose equipment

volume of goods produced directly tied to number of customer orders

workers need to be able to perform different tasks depending on the processing needs of the product

produce many different products with varying processing requirements

 Multiple Choice Question 45

With respect to competitive priorities, intermittent operations compete more on _____________ compared to repetitive operations.

a) cost and features

b) durability and cost

c) availability and reliability

d) flexibility and delivery

e) durability and features

Multiple Choice Question 31

Which of the following is not a guideline for design for manufacture?

simplify operations

design parts for different products

use modular design

minimize parts

rely on automated equipment

Multiple Choice Question 61

What is a type of automation system that provides the flexibility of intermittent operations with the efficiency of repetitive operations?






 Multiple Choice Question 48

Which product and service strategy is used to produce standard components that can be combined to customer specifications?






Multiple Choice Question 16

What is an extension of an intranet to include suppliers and customers called?

supply chain net





Multiple Choice Question 45

Which of the following is not considered to be a characteristic of partnership relations?

Have a long-term orientation

Are strategic in nature

Are “arms-length” in nature

Share a common vision

Share short- and long-term plans

Multiple Choice Question 65

Benetton is well known for the practice of assembling all white sweaters and waiting to dye them much closer to the time of sale. This is an example of what?






Multiple Choice Question 71

Which of the following is a “buyer-side,” typically industry-specific solution?

automated order entry systems

electronic data interchange

electronic storefronts

net marketplaces

advertising revenue model

Multiple Choice Question 73

Companies want a supply chain that makes it possible to:

manage all suppliers’ development costs.

manage and adapt to all of the business dynamics.

manage distribution display

manage distribution outlet retail prices

manage customer demands

Multiple Choice Question 80

One TQM mistake companies make is believing that the responsibility for quality and elimination of waste lies

with the supplier

With the return and repair shop

with the supply chain

With all employees but top management

with top management alone.

Multiple Choice Question 74

Which of the following is not attributed to Philip Crosby?

The concept of the quality trilogy

The phrase “Do it right the first time.”

Stressed the idea of prevention of defects

The notion of zero defects

The phrase “Quality is free”

Multiple Choice Question 54

The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers named its quality award after ___________________.

Genichi Taguchi

Kaoru Ishikawa

Joe Juran

Phillip Crosby

W. Edwards Deming

Multiple Choice Question 57

The Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria category that includes continuous improvement programs, employee training, and functioning of teams is


Strategic planning

Information and analysis

Human resource development and management

Business results

Multiple Choice Question 63

Increases in international trade during the 1980s created a need for the development of ____________ standards of quality.






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